Thermocouple systems

Thermocouple sheath covers are designed to be non-wetting to liquid aluminum. Moreover, contrary to cast iron, they give a possibility of measure at an identical point throughout their years of use.

The innovative system of a retractable sheath allows for measuring without disturbing the furnace. This facilitates maintenance, and the handling of objects in the liquid aluminum bath.

Proven benefits

  • Non-wetting to liquid aluminum
  • High stability of form at high temperatures
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Reduced heating cost
  • Thermocouple plugs

    It is possible to manufacture short sheaths or thermocouple plugs for applications with low obstructions.

    The thermocouple plugs are fabricated with non-wetting to liquid aluminium materials. This allows for ease of cleaning, and more precise measurements.

    Proven benefits
    • Precise temperature measurement
    • High mechanical resistance
    • Improved form air-tightness

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