Holding and Melting Furnaces

Refraco designs and fabricates the following refractory components for remelt and holding furnaces:

  • Furnace Blocks
    • Refraco design and fabricates pre-cast blocks for furnace linings.
      • Hearth, Lower Wall and Ramp Blocks
        • Hearth, lower wall and ramps blocks are all in contact with molten metal and the molten metal-atmosphere interface (belly band).
        • Refractory used is non-wetting to aluminium.
        • Very smooth surface finish.
      • Sill, Jamb, and Lintel Blocks
        • Sills, jambs and lintels frame openings which are closed off by furnace doors. These areas are subject to thermal shock when the doors are opened and are often subject to mechanical abuse during loading and cleaning operations.
        • Refraco designs and fabricates pre-cast blocks with a high stainless steel needle percentage to provide high thermal and mechanical shock resistance.
      • Roof blocks
      • Impeller baffles for End Well / Side Well Melters

    In general, Refraco pre-cast furnace lining systems offer the following advantages :

    • The furnace blocks have a high quality surface finish.
    • Controlled bake-out from 500°C to 800°C yields homogeneous properties.
    • Possible to have zoned materials.
    • Easily replaced, possibility for partial repairs.
    • Reduced downtime due to reduced firing requirements.
  • Furnace Doors
    • Furnace doors typically consist of two zones; the perimeter and the interior.
    • The perimeter is protected by pre-cast refractory blocks.
    • The interior filled with insulation.
      Perimeter Protection Blocks
      • Pre-cast refractory with high stainless steel needle percentage provides high thermal and mechanical skock resistance.
      • Can be designed with keys to reduce air infiltration and heat loss, thereby increasing furnace efficiency.
      • Custom anchor system that prevents pull out when over-torqued.
      Interior Insulation
      • RCF and non-RCF blanket modules with high compression factor that provide good insulating value with long life time (durability).
      • Embedded anchor system, no anchor exposed at the hot face, reduces thermal bridges.
      • Lightweight.

For more information about Refraco's products, get access to our specification sheets from the Member Zone.