Refraco designs and fabricates two types of crucibles:
1. Pot room crucibles for transporting molten metal within smelters, and
2. Over-the-road ladles for transporting molten metal to clients outside the smelter.

Refraco has developed pioneering non-steady state heat transfer calculations to simulate crucible/ladle performance, and our highly efficient designs are custom tailored to our clients' specific operating conditions.

  • Pot Room Crucibles

    Refraco does traditional linings for pot room crucibles using a combination of refractory bricks, cast-in-place concrete, and rammed refractory plastic. We can also provide designs for hybrid pre-cast / cast-in-place modular linings offering improvements in rebuild time, operating lifetime and energy efficiency. Improving energy efficiency means that the metal is delivered to holding furnaces hotter thus reducing the amount of reheat required. This translates into direct energy cost savings and reduction of environmental impacts.

  • Over-The-Road Ladles

    Refraco designs and installs cast-in-place refractory linings for over-the-road ladles (up to 28T capacity to date). Over-the-road ladle crucible design differs from pot room crucible design, in that the molten metal is held in the ladle for much longer periods of time. Over-the-road ladles are subject to outdoor atmospheric conditions, and over-the-road ladles have to respect total road/highway weight limits.

    • Thermal studies considering pre-heat temperatures, ladle capacity, refractory lining, operating conditions and trip cycles can be carried out to optimize designs.
    • "Zoning" the refractory design to balance material performance versus local operating requirements within the ladle can minimize weight while maintaining and/or maximizing performance.

For more information about Refraco's products, get access to our specification sheets from the Member Zone.